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* Each person’s 40-trillion healthy bacteria


Wouche Away ®

The revolutionary soap and skin care alternative with purifying essential oils and trace minerals to cleanse, freshen and moisturize anywhere on the body, at any age.

Use Wouche Away as a foam or mist, in place of any regular hand, face, or body wash, and for non-drying, everyday skin care.


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Non-Drying, Refreshing Hand Wash


mom and baby line art for diaper care


Fem & Guy Hygiene for date night or after exercise


mom and baby line art for diaper care


Odor Control +/- a Shower


Non-Drying, Refreshing Hand Wash


Reduce or Replace Toilet Paper


Non-Drying, Refreshing Face Care


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Wouche Away 16 oz refill Natural


Organic cotton disposable dry wipes with to-go Wouche Away foamer

Environmentally Friendly Wipes We Love

These are our top 3 wipe choices! They meet all our highest standards for being gentle on skin, good for the environment, and strong enough to reuse.


2 Rolls of 30 "Earthly Not Yet Wet Wipes"


Nest Design Wipes


Natural Organic Flannel Wipes, Family Cloth

Wouche Away’s formulas includes antioxidant fir oils and trace minerals that improve the growth of healthy bacteria in clinical studies, while being mild enough for everyday use even in babies, elder-care and wound washing. (How to use)


Wouche Away Natural is EWG VERIFIED™. EWG VERIFIED™ recognizes products that meet EWG’s strictest standards for your health. This means none of EWG’s chemicals of concern. This means full ingredient transparency. The EWG VERIFIED™ criteria are grounded in decades of research on chemical safety, and scientific evidence about the impacts toxic chemical exposures. EWG’s scientists work with companies to create healthier, safer products, free from known chemicals of concern, so the consumer can trust the product they’re using has been verified for safety.

The Wouche Away prebiotic cleanser formulas are designed to optimize skin and surface tissue health and support our natural “Good Guys,” those 40 trillion beneficial bacteria that humans need for healthy function.

Less odor, irritation, waste & cost

Wouche Away is uniquely non-irritating and non-allergenic, while cleansing and removing odor-causing bacteria. The purpose-built formulas decrease the chance of itching, burning, stinging, and dryness often experienced with other products that contain harmful ingredients, shown to irritate or strip away the healthy surface ecosystem. Wouche Away also supports a system of sustainable personal care. We share more about the environmental harm and health-risks from wet wipes (most of which contain plastic-fibers and harmful ingredients) and toilet paper at our FAQ and Science Blog. Also check out our alternative, user-friendly systems for reducing or even replacing commercial toilet paper!

We guarantee you will love Wouche Away or we will refund your purchase.

Wouche Away’s unique formulas aren’t just for cleansing! Their mild balance and antioxidant ingredients make them ideal for soothing dry, irritated surfaces anywhere:
– As an aftershave – For chaffing relief – To clean eyelids or lashes
– For increased comfort from runny noses or healing skin.

What Wouche Away Reviewers Are Saying

Linda W

“For years I have tried to find a wipe that didn’t cause a terrible allergic rash. Tried them all, baby wipes, no perfume, sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, found out they all contain preservatives! Thank goodness for Wouche Away, my first impression was the lovely scent, next was the ease of use. I spritz the TP every time I tinkle and feel fresh and clean. The reusable cotton cloths, dampened with the foam I use for final wipe … they easily rinse and in a hot/bleach load come out beautifully… I have been using these products daily for about 3 weeks now and have no sign of any allergic reaction at all. Am recommending this to my adult nephews, who are also very allergic to regular toilet paper wipes!”
— Linda W

Brook G.

“I have very sensitive skin and am able this on my eczema to soothe and help clear in just a few days.”
— Brook G.

William E.

“I use Wouche Away in response to an itchy, restless rectum. Following every bowel movement, I apply on toilet paper, 3 to 4 pumps of Wouche Away to the rectum. It is very calming, cooling, soothing. It’s really good stuff!”
William E.

Rebecca S.

“As a family of Wouche Away users- we are very thankful for a personal cleanser that is refreshing and biome friendly. As a lifelong label reader – this is by far, the only label I’ve read that I know has nothing that might bother my sensitive body. Discovering Wouche Away is a gift I am continuously grateful to have encountered.”
Rebecca S.

Houston M.

“I have been using Wouche Away on my two children (3 years old and newborn) as well as myself in postpartum recovery. We use Wouche Away (both foam and spray) , the organic cotton wipes, as well as the reusable bamboo wipes, on a daily basis.
Overall, I have noticed a big improvement in odors, and less redness/irritation for my daughter. I feel relieved to find products that are REALLY healthy for my children, and not just advertised as “natural” or “limited ingredients” while having incorrect pH levels for the genital areas, which can lead to an imbalance in good vs bad bacteria levels and eventually rashes/inflammation.”
— Houston M.

Lindsey T

“Started using this product about three weeks ago and I’m in LOVE! A perfectly sustainable alternative to TP. It is an awesome product!
— Lindsey T

Many of us grew up loving the flexible-use, fun Dr. Bronner’s All-One® Castille Soap! However, this product has a very high pH and salt level (pH 2-fold & salt 5-fold natural levels) that isn’t ideal for surface ecosystems. Wouche Away salutes the all-purpose, people and planet-oriented approach of this pioneering product – that offered a range of solutions in one bottle. Wouche Away uses emerging science for a next-generation “One Wash to Clean Them All” product.

2 Types of Wouche Away

Wouche Away Natural is made from 100% naturally-derived ingredients, including the prebiotics raffinose and arabinogalactan. It contains very mild, low-irritation surfactants. Wouche Away Natural is our first choice for no-rinse removal of odors, grease, and dirt and debris, while conditioning skin.

Wouche Away Sensitive includes a hydrating polymer that bathes surface tissues in our most soothing leave-on formula. It’s mild exfoliant provides gentle facial care. Wouche Away Sensitive is our first choice to clean, freshen and calm sensitive skin. Used alone, or with dry or cloth wipes, it easily replaces drying hand soaps, wet-wipes for diaper care, and expensive skincare products (e.g. aftershaves, anti-chaffing products). Wouche Away Sensitive is a favorite for reducing and replacing toilet paper use. And it is loved for delivering soothing personal care to both men and women to decrease unwanted odors and hydrate dry skin in the bikini and below-the-belt regions.

  • Small-batch crafted in the US with global materials.
  • No glycerin, silicone, sulfates, parabens, or gluten
  • No HEL-List waterway contaminants
  • No animal testing.

Check out the How To Use page for more great ways to use Wouche Away.

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