Prebiotic Total Body Cleanser
For Everyone Everywhere

Dear Friends-

We have been involved in making safer personal care products for over two decades, starting as the inventors of Pre-Seed® Fertility Lubricant. As a Pharmacist (Dr. C) and Sexual Wellness Expert (Dr. E, the one with an autoimmune disease and chronic allergic irritation), we formed Glyciome, a women-owned business, with a mission to bring “smart” personal care products forward to optimize individual health and hygiene. Specifically, the last few years have seen an explosion in the science of how our body’s surfaces protect us from disease, including our “below the belt” areas. For example, cancers, infections, infertility, and pregnancy complications can all be triggered by an overgrowth of bad, odor-causing bacteria that result in chronic inflammation. In contrast, the normal urogenital ecosystem is made up of three key factors: 1) healthy human mucosal cells, 2) good bacteria that attach to these cells (our microbiome), and 3) balanced cell secretions that bathe tissues in antioxidant solutions to moisturize, soothe inflammation, and preserve a balanced pH and salt level for disease prevention.

Sadly, modern personal care products (wet wipes, baby wipes, washes) have been found in numerous studies to harm mucosal ecosystems. In order to make the perfect product for cleaning and freshening everywhere, including” down under”, we studied many washes, wet wipes, and baby wipes. We read a lot about toilet paper too and how it can increase irritation due to chemicals and fibers it leaves behind. Sadly, most of these products are regulated as “cosmetics” with limited FDA oversite and few safety studies. Plus, many of them (such as wet wipes) cause severe environmental impacts. We decided at Glyciome, instead of designing an incrementally safer wet wipe, we wanted to get rid of the “wet-all-the-time” thing (requiring high levels of preservatives or natural bacterial killers) and focus on optimization of the human mucosal ecosystem (healthy surface cells, good bacteria, and moisturizing secretions at the right acidic pH and salt level).

After a lot of mixing and trying, (initially to verify that recipes weren’t irritating to Dr. E), we finally invented Wouche Away a prebiotic, total body cleanser like no other! Whereas most body cleansers strip the good bacteria and healthy surface away, Wouche Away cleans and freshens to remove odor and dirt in a patent-pending formula balanced for human tissues, with prebiotic ingredients designed to support healthy bacteria and mucosal function. Wouche Away can be used in place of any regular hand, face, or body cleanser, by itself, with disposable dry wipes, or with wet or dry clothes by EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE.

Once we found and tested the right formulas for our Natural and Sensitive versions, we had friends and family from 0-93 years of age use Wouche Away on faces, for diaper changes, as a soapless shower, and of course for wiping with TP and cloth wipes. Folks loved the product! They also helped us establish the best dry and reusable wipes to use with Wouche Away for optimal sustainability. Along the way, Dr. E even studied up on toilet paper and decided it could be a large part of chronic irritation in many women, including herself. So, she developed a mess-free “eww to ahh” reusable toilet paper system to minimize irritation, waste and cost.

We think your family will come to love it as much as ours does! We look forward to hearing how you Wouche Away too! 😀

Drs. E & C
Jo and Gil

DrE Crosscutting

Dr. JE Ellington, Dr. E

CEO and President
(PhD – Cornell University)

DrC Doing Trailwork

Dr. GD Clifton, Dr. C

COO & Pharmaceutical Scientist
(Pharm D – University of Kentucky)

DrC & DrE on Horseback

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