2-Pack of Wild & Pure Earth-Friendly Cotton Dry Wipes

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For a limited time Buy this 2-Pack and get a FREE 0.9oz Wouche Away Mist

We love… that this absorbent dry wipe is made in the USA from USA-grown cotton! And especially are happy these dry wipes eliminate plastic waste and harmful ingredients from cleansing and care. Our goal in developing Wouche Away was to help people reduce and replace the use of WET Wipes. These wipes make that easy!

Each roll has 30 Earth-Friendly Cotton Dry Wipes. These “Not Yet Wet Wipes” are plastic-free, versatile, soft, and absorbent to go everywhere and do every job. Unlike most wipes, which are made from plastic, these are made from 100% cotton (50% OEKO-TEX certified unbleached cotton grown in the USA & 50% repurposed clothing scrap) and made in the USA, which is rare. They can be gently washed, tossed, or composted! They are free of all synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and irritants, and are perfect for use with Wouche Away for everyone, everywhere!

The mom-owned company who developed them decided to help us all ditch the wet wipes. One wipe is plenty, even for big messes in baby care, peri-care, or toilet hygiene when used with Wouche Away. We wash and reuse these as our “paper towels” at home and at our manufacturing facilities!

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1 review for 2-Pack of Wild & Pure Earth-Friendly Cotton Dry Wipes

  1. Vanessa Hodge (verified owner)

    I have ordered these reusable wipes twice now and will continue to order. I use them with WoucheAway mist or even just water at times. Being washable and reusable is huge with 2 small children in the house. So many uses. I have even used them in place of paper towels. They last long enough to make them very cost effective. I highly reccomend!

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