​As the inventors of Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant, we have been involved in making safer personal care products for over two decades. As a Pharmacist (Dr. C) and Sexual Wellness Expert (Dr. E, the one with an autoimmune disease and chronic allergic irritation), we formed Glyciome, a women-owned company, with a mission to bring “smart” personal care products forward to optimize individual urogenital (and anogenital) health. Specifically, the last few years have seen an explosion in the science of how our body’s surfaces protect us from disease, including the skin and mucosa of the vagina and vulva, rectum, and penis. For example, cervical and penile cancer, STDs and AIDS, bacterial vaginosis, infertility, and pregnancy complications can all be triggered by an overgrowth of bad, odor-causing bacteria that result in chronic inflammation. In contrast, the normal urogenital ecosystem is made up of three key factors: 1) healthy human surface cells, 2) good bacteria that attach to these cells (our microbiome), and 3) balanced cell secretions that bathe tissues in solutions that moisturize, soothe inflammation, and preserve an acidic pH and narrow salt concentration.

Sadly, modern personal care products (wet wipes, baby wipes, intimate washes…) have been found in numerous studies to harm the urogenital ecosystems. For example, women who have used these products in the past 90 days have a 3 times higher risk of urogenital infections (including STDs, UTIs, yeast, and bacterial vaginosis) versus those who haven’t used such a product. For babies, more frequent use of wet-wipes associates with more diaper rash. And children and adults who become sensitized to common allergens (including glycerin and citric acid) are 15 times more likely to develop irritation in the urogenital and anogenital region. Surprisingly to us, NO studies we found looked at salt levels in baby wipes, even though 4% of ingredients in each wipe remain on our kids. We found many baby and wet wipes with a high pH (>7, which is great for bad bacteria), extremely high or low salt levels (that cause human cells to explode or shrink), and manufacturers claiming only “trace” preservative levels, even though they use normal preservative doses.

In order to make the perfect product for cleaning and freshening everywhere, including the urogenital area, we studied most washes, and wet and baby wipes. We read a lot about toilet paper too and how it increases irritation and disease due to chemicals and fibers left behind. Most of these products are regulated as cosmetics with limited FDA oversite and few safety studies. Since wet wipes will grow bacteria over time, preservatives or hidden “natural” bacteria-killers have to be present at such high levels in these products, that their daily use harms our healthy bacteria and tissue. Instead of trying to design incrementally safer wet wipes, we decide to get rid of the “wet-all-the-time” thing, and focus on the inputs of our optimal barrier ecosystem: healthy human cells, healthy bacteria, moisturization without irritation or inflammation, an acidic pH and a balanced salt level.  After a lot of mixing and trying (and Dr. E reporting if a product was irritating to her or not), we finally invented Wouche Away – a prebiotic, hydrating cleanser like no other! Whereas most personal cleansers strip the good bacteria and acidic pH away, Wouche Away cleans and freshens to remove odor and dirt in a formula with an acidic pH and balanced salts for human tissues (just like WHO asked for), with prebiotic ingredients to support healthy bacteria and mucosal function.

We had our family members from 0-93 use Wouche Away on faces, for diaper changes, as a soapless shower, and of course for wiping bums with TP and cloth wipes. Everyone loved the product and helped us establish the best dry and cloth wipe companion systems to work with Wouche Away for optimal sustainability. Dr. E even developed her “eww to ahh” reusable toilet paper system to minimize autoimmune irritation (never thought we would say that!). At Glyciome, we used 2020 to finalize Wouche Away’s no-rinse formula to meet all our development and invention goals including:

  • the most mild of surfactants (for cleaning),
  • skin hydration and moisturization,
  • optimal healthy microbiome support,
  • being biodegradable and safe for water and the environment,
  • having a balanced salt level and acidic pH,
  • helping prevent irritation and rash for Dr. E, our grandbabies and Grandpa.

Wouche Away can be used in place of any regular hand, face or body cleanser, by itself, with disposable dry wipes, or with wet or dry clothes for hundreds of cleaning uses.  Almost every week someone sends us a new use, here are just some of the ways people Wouche Away:

  • Foam on face cleanser or aftershave
  • Fem and Guy hygiene to decrease unwanted odors before and after intimacy, exercise, or periods
  • Leave no trace clean-up for outdoor folks
  • Baby diaper care & Toddler wiping assist
  • Elder “down under” and peri-care
  • Hair freshener to pump up curls and cleanse odors (e.g cigarette smell)
  • Wet wipe replacement
  • Postpartum Care
  • Toilet paper spray or foam (reduces amount used and irritation during use)
  • Soothing urogenital and peri-care for anyone with sensitivity

Wouche Away contains no glycerin, silicone, sulfates, parabens, gluten or ingredients that harm skin or mucosal tissues.
No animal testing. NO HEL List that causes reef damage.
Our plastic bottles are only high grade (LDPE), non-leeching and refillable.
US and International patents-pending for prebiotic formulas to optimize tissue health.
Proudly Made in the USA with Global Materials.