Many products used to clean dirty diapers don’t meet new medical recommendations for use of an acidic pH cleansing product, avoidance of high contact allergy-risk ingredients, and reducing wet wipe use (on urine-only diapers).


Published data show that diaper rash isn’t a sign of bad caregiving. In fact, rashes are more common in babies with more total wet-wipe use during changing. Diaper rash is so common in the US, that only 1/3 of babies don’t have some redness and irritation.

About 20% of the solution on a wet wipe stays behind on baby’s skin. And most don’t have the correct pH and salt levels to match body surfaces. These wipes are made out of plastic or synthetic fibers (learn more) such as polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) that cause waterway chemical and microplastic contamination.

New guidelines recommend using acidic or low pH cleansing diaper care products during changes to better support healthy skin bacteria. Dermatology guidelines also list common allergens to avoid in everyday skin contact, including many ingredients common in wipes (e.g. benzalkonium chloride). This includes “natural” allergens that have high irritation and allergy risk such as glycerin, citric acid, and cocamidopropyl betaine.

Switching from wet wipes to dry or cloth wipes with a “use-as-you-go” product like Wouche Away can decrease the solution quantity that baby is exposed to and the harmful preservatives, and plastic-based chemicals.
Wouche Away’s science-based diaper-changing system was developed to reduce contact with ingredients and wipes that increase skin allergies and diaper-rash risk.

Wouche Away has a healthy acidic pH with a patent-pending formula to support healthy surface bacteria (the Good Guys). It is quick-drying, non-irritating and balanced for healthy surface ecosystems. Simply mist Wouche Away on to baby’s bottom at changing (over poo and all) for an easy, gentle wipe off with our super-soft organic dry disposable or flannel wipes. This quick clean-up system uses less wipes, makes less mess, and reduces exposures to plastic-based chemicals, harmful preservatives, and common contact allergens in leading wet wipes.

We are proud to be an official distributor of Nest Design unbleached organic dry wipes and include these wipes as a part of our more sustainable Wouche Away Diaper-Care Value Pack.